FIRST Robotics Competition

If you are not attending, but would like to watch the competition, visit our website starting
August 5th for LIVE coverage!

Event Schedule



**Schedule subject to change. All times are estimated based on flow of rounds.

Event Awards for FRC Teams at the Texas Cup

  • Loud ‘n’ Proud Award – Celebrates extraordinary enthusiasm & spirit through gracious professionalism and teamwork
    • Team spirit is consistently displayed through the contest both in attitude and appearance
    • The team displays enthusiasm both for their team and in supporting other teams
    • The team cheers for, not against.
  • Team Choice Award – Celebrates a team for their accomplishments in robot design and strategy
    • Participating teams vote for their favorite design showing both creativity and effectiveness in the game
  • Coolest Play Of The Day – Celebrates a team for their accomplishments in gameplay
    • Participating teams vote for their favorite team based on memorable and exciting gameplay
  • Highest Rookie Seed – This is self explanatory and will be awarded to 2022 FRC Rookie Teams (does not include teams with a number 9000 as they are add on teams)

Each winner will receive a $1,000 team registration grant towards their 2022 season.

FRC Event Q&A:

Q: What game rules are we using?
A: We are using the rules in the 2022 Rapid React Game Manual. We will be posting any updates for teams here before the event.
Q: What robot inspection form are we using?
A: We are using the the 2022 Rapid React Game Manual.
Q: Will we have robot inspection at the Texas Cup?
A: Yes. We will expect all teams to self inspect (using the official event form above). We will have robot inspectors onsite verifying compliance as in traditional years, but we will not require a BOM (Build of Materials) for this event.
Q: Can we decorate our pit?
A: Yes. We encourage you to decorate your 10×10 pit.
Q: Can we bring in our own snacks and drinks?
A:No, the Irving Convention Center does not allow any outside food or drinks inside.
Q: When do we get our Division assignments?
A: This is a single division event.
Q: How are we getting updates during the event?
A: During the event, we will be using SMS messaging to notify teams of important announcements. Data rates and surcharges for SMS apply by your carrier.
Q: Will there be a machine shop / parts depot?
A: We will have spare parts, but we will not have a machine shop for this event.