Event Info

We encourage all attendees to wear a face covering while attending our event.

We ask that all attendees perform a self evaluation before attending. Check yourself for a temperature or for symptoms of COVID-19. If you are running a fever, having symptoms or have been exposed to someone with COVID-19 within 10 days of the event, please strongly consider not attending.

FIRST in Texas and all of our volunteers want to make sure that all teams have the best possible experience at our event. We will accomplish this through establishing rules and working as a team to ensure we all do our part.

The Irving Convention Center and FIRST in Texas will provide hand sanitizing stations that may be used by all attendees and we will be requiring full compliance with Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and event safety procedures. All attendees are encouraged to wash hands frequently and maintain social distancing from those not in your travel group or those that have asked for a little extra space.

Things allowed / required:

  • FIRST Core Values
  • Gracious Professionalism
  • Safety first approach – masks / safety glasses
  • Assigned load-in times for teams
  • Must follow all safety and pedestrian / robot traffic flow signage
  • Pit size will be 10×10 and will be covered with 8′ pipe-drape on rear side
  • Guests and spectators are allowed

Things not allowed this event:

  • Teams may not alter any equipment layout without permission from FIRST in Texas.
  • Teams may not bring snacks or drinks into the venue.

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Event Layout

No reserved seating is allowed at this event.

Event Q&A

Q: What is allowed to be brought into the Irving Convention Center?
A:  Totes and plastic bins:  Yes for teams through the loading dock; guests no
A: Open-top containers (milk crates): Yes for teams through the loading dock; guests no
A: Wheeled containers: Yes for teams through the loading dock; guests no
A: Scouting/note-taking supplies (pens, paper and printed paper, clipboards) Yes for teams

Q: Are spectators allowed to bring in water bottles?

A: No outside food and beverages are allowed for guests. Exceptions are made for baby formula/mile and diabetic small snack. Participants needing assistance, please contact texascup@firstintexas.org


The Irving Convention Center will have concessions available for teams and guests. No proceeds benefit FIRST in Texas.


Passenger car / trucks may use the Irving Convention Center parking garage and park at a rate of $10.00 per vehicle per day. No in and out is included with this rate.  Teams are responsible for securing bus and trailer parking on their own.


Spectators / Guests are welcome to this event at no cost.  Spectators are expected and required to adhere to the FIRST in Texas Core Values and Code of Conduct while onsite.  We reserve the right to ask anyone to leave for violation of either.