Event Info

We strongly encourage all attendees to wear a face covering while attending our event.

We ask that all attendees perform a self evaluation before attending. Check yourself for a temperature or for symptoms of COVID-19. If you are running a fever, having symptoms or have been exposed to someone with COVID-19 within 10 days of the event, please strongly consider not attending.

FIRST in Texas and all of our volunteers want to make sure that all teams have the best possible experience at this inaugural event. We will accomplish this through establishing rules and working as a team to ensure we all do our part.

The Alamodome will provide hand sanitizing stations that may be used by all attendees and we will be requiring full compliance with Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and event safety procedures. All attendees are encouraged to wash hands frequently and maintain social distancing from those not in your travel group or those that have asked for a little extra space.

Things allowed / required:

  • FIRST Core Values
  • Gracious Professionalism
  • Safety first approach – masks / safety glasses
  • 13 people per registered team with floor access
  • Assigned load-in times for teams
  • Must follow all safety and pedestrian / robot traffic flow signage
  • Pit size will be 10×10 and will be covered with 8′ pipe-drape on three sides
  • All entrants will have bags and cases checked by San Antonio Police K-9
  • Guests and spectators are allowed as “General Admission”.

Things not allowed this event:

  • Teams may not alter any of the pipe-drape and may only bring the minimal amount of tools / supplies for support.
  • No teams may decorate their pit for this event.
  • Teams may not bring snacks or drinks into the venue.

Quick Links

Event Layout

Bleacher seating is reserved for floor attendees only. No access to spectators is permitted.

NASA Machine Shop

Special thanks to NASA and Jacobs for making the machine shop available for both FIRST Robotics Competition and FIRST Tech Challenge teams during the Texas Cup.

Event Q&A

Q: What is allowed to be brought into the Alamodome?
A:  Totes and plastic bins:  Yes for teams through the loading dock; guests no
A: Open-top containers (milk crates): Yes for teams through the loading dock; guests no
A: Wheeled containers: Yes for teams through the loading dock; guests no
A: Laptops allowed: Yes for teams through the loading dock; guests no
A: iPads/tablets: Yes for teams through the loading dock; guests no
A: Portable battery packs / power banks: Yes for teams through the loading dock; guests no
A: Scouting/note-taking supplies (pens, paper and printed paper, clipboards) Yes for teams through the loading dock; guests please refer to the Clear Plastic Bag Policy 
Q: Are spectators allowed to bring in water bottles?
A: No outside food and beverages are allowed for guests. Teams will be provided a complimentary Texas Cup reusable water bottle. Exceptions are made for baby formula/mile and diabetic small snack. Participants needing assistance, please contact texascup@firstintexas.org


The Alamodome has implemented updated protocols for all concessions areas. Patrons will have access to a mobile app for food ordering and cashless operations. Additional safety measures, including plexiglass shields and express pick-up stations will be implemented. Condiments and individually-wrapped utensils will be provided upon request.


To provide a safer environment for the public and in order to expedite fan entry into the Alamodome, we have implemented a Clear Bag Policy (very similar to the NFL Clear Bag policy) that limits the size & type of bags that may be brought into the Alamodome. The Clear Bag Policy took effect June 10, 2017.

Without exception, ALL BAGS will be screened prior to event entry including Medically Necessary and Diaper Bags. ALL BAGS that do not meet the Clear Bag Policy specifications, must be returned to your vehicle or discarded. Please refer to the FAQ section below for more information or download the PDF flyer to print. Clear bag policy is specific to to guests and spectators entering the main entrance.  Volunteers and teams are not subject to it but may NOT bring any weapons, food or drinks in. Read more:   Alamodome Website


Patrons will be able to download a mobile app for food ordering and cashless operations. Cash for concessions and food ordering is not preferred by the venue.


Patrons will be required to pay $10.00 to park a car/truck to part at the Alamodome per occurence. Buses and trailer parking fees have been established by the Alamodome and you may buy tickets through the Alamodome directly.


As of May 24, guests and spectators are permitted in the 200 section of the Alamodome as general admission (free of charge).  This on a first come, first served opportunity. While that section is open seating, we encourage everyone to socially distance as much as is practical while wearing a mask.

Teams may bring additional team members as spectators, and teams may swap out members at the start of the day (before the first matches start). Teams should plan supervision of any underage guests as part of their request. At no time can there be more than 13 team members be on the floor at any one time. Teams violating this rule will be asked to leave due to egregious behavior.


The Alamodome has provided us with an update regarding its COVID policy towards outside food and drinks at the venue.  Teams CAN eat food ordered from restaurants, bagged lunches etc in the parking lot.  Teams CANNOT bring in outside food into the Alamodome venue nor cook food with open flames, etc. in the parking lot.  Teams should maintain social distancing from others not in their travel group. We expect everyone to use your gracious professionalism in disposing of trash properly. (May 28)


Teams may purchase a parking pass from the Alamodome or through FIRST in Texas. We will be providing uniformed police presence overnight in the trailer / bus parking area as a courtesy to our teams, but we, nor the Alamodome assume any responsibility for the damage to or theft of any bus or trailer left in the assigned parking area. We are prepared for up to 42 trailers, 16 buses and 7 box trucks. Please contact the Alamodome to purchase parking passes from them or use the link above to purchase through Ticketmaster online.