Cancellation / Refunds

Cancellation Policy

The Texas Cup attendance is voluntary for any team member, coach / mentor or volunteer.

FIRST in Texas may, in its sole discretion, based on credible information from its board of directors, senior staff and key volunteers, may delay, postpone or cancel the event if it is deemed that the risk of having the event becomes too great.

Refund Policy

If a travel group fails to receive a negative COVID-19 test and/or pre-screening after arriving at the venue, there will be no refund or credit issued so it is VERY IMPORTANT for teams to isolate, pre-screen and conduct rapid testing before traveling.

If the event is canceled within 45 days prior, or the team wishes to cancel their attendance, we will issue 100% credit towards future registrations of FIRST in Texas events.

If a team is unable to travel to the event due to a school district decision or policy change, within 30 days of the event, there will be no refund or credit issued for any registration fees for the Texas Cup.

If the event is canceled prior to the start of the event due to a natural disaster, venue failure or a new pandemic, we will apply 75% of your registration for the Texas Cup towards your future registration fees with FIRST in Texas.

If the event is canceled during its scheduled dates, FIRST in Texas will not issue any credits or refunds of any fees for registration.

We will not issue any form of monetary refund after registration is complete. Any credit towards future events or registrations will be less any credit card processing fees FIRST in Texas has paid for the initial registration transaction.